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My Writing Process Blog Tour Meme: What’s Yours? #amwriting

My awesome critique partner Lisa Carlisle tagged me for the writing process blog tour. I am required to answer four questions onMOFK my writing process. On Monday, April 7, please visit my fellow writers, Cheri Roman, Sandra Danby and Angelique Jamail. I am proud to call them my co-authors on The Milk of Female Kindness, An Anthology about Honest Motherhood. They are fabulous writers, so make sure to visit.

1. What am I working on at the moment?

I am writing Hope Restored, Book 3 in my paranormal romance series Divine Temptation, published by Ellora’s Cave.  The three stories trace the integration of the pantheon gods into the modern human world, one love story at a time. The heroines are all Amazon warriors, sworn to serve the Greek pantheon but fighting to live their own lives on their own terms. All three are love stories, they are sexy, but they are also about being true to yourself.  Book 1, Thirteen Nights released in December, 2013. Book 2, Life Reignited, releases on September 3 and I hope to finish Hope Restored in time for release this year.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I love strong heroines, women who fight for their own identities and mold the world to their needs.  I also like to take some risks with writing, and try to flesh out unique characters. Life Reignited is a love story for the baby boomer set, which is not usually found in romance novels.  The themes of making personal choice in the face of wider forces that seem to constrain our control and learning to being your best self in the chaos underpin all the stories I wrote.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I’ve always found my own heroines in books, so I write women I’d like to emulate, those who struggle with the problems we all deal with, but keep going.   I like to see strong independent women find their happy ending that includes both love and self-articulation.

4. How does my writing process work?

I write every day. The alarm rings around five o’clock and I drag myself out of bed, make a cup of coffee, do some yoga stretches to manage a bad back, then sit myself down at the computer and write until 7:00.  I also have a Microsoft tablet with Word on it. I write some more on the metro to work, tablet on my lap.  On the weekends, I do some more, in between life and errands and trying to sneak some fun time in my life.  My goal is to write 3,000 words a week–more if possible, less if I must.  For me, the key is to come to the page everyday.  I also write in silence.


Next Monday, click over to the these three truly special writers to read about their writing processes.


Cheri Roman is a writer, editor, teacher, wife, mother, grandmother and friend, in whatever order works best in the moment. Her debut novel, Descent, launched recently and she is currently working on the sequel. Most days you can find her on her blog, The Brass Rag, or working on the next novel in her fantasy series, Rephaim. Cheri lives with her husband and two Chihuahuas in St. Johns, Florida.

Since she can first remember, Sandra Danby has loved reading. She grew up on a small dairy farm at the bleak edge of East Yorkshire where England meets the North Sea. At the age of four she was making magazines full of her own stories. When missed by her mother, she was usually found in a corner with her nose in a book. She devoured everything from the Famous Five and Secret Seven to Swallows and Amazons, from ‘Little Women’ to George Orwell and Mary Stewart. All this reading led her first to a degree in English Literature in London, then to journalism. Now she writes novels. Her book ‘Ignoring Gravity’  was published on March 28, 2014.

Angelique Jamail is a writer, artist, and teacher living in the Houston area. Her writing (poetry, fiction, and non-fiction) has appeared in two dozen publications, including anthologies and journals.  Her previous books of poems are GYPSIES (1st printing 1998) and BAREFOOT ON MARBLE: TWENTY POEMS, 1995-2001 (1st printing 2003). Her current projects include a new collection of poems, PLAYING HOUSE, and a novel, FOREST OF DIAMONDS.

The Milk of Female Kindness

It’s been a great week.  I’m proud to announce the release of the Milk of Female Kindness: An Anthology of Honest Motherhood.  Edited by Kasia James, it includes a dynamic, insightful mix of essays, art, poetry and stories, all honoring motherhood in its layered complexity by over 20 writers and artists. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this project.  So if you are looking for that perfect holiday gift for a mother or grandmother or mother-to-be, I highly recommend this.

MFK Cover

The Milk of Female Kindness

 An Anthology of Honest Motherhood

Authored by Kasia James, Sarah Cass, Judith Dickerman-Nelson, Tara Chevrestt, Cheri Roman, Gemma Wright, Khaalidah Muhammad Ali, Kitty Brody, Angelique Jamail, Laura Evans, Sandra Danby, Maureen Bowden, Sabrina Garie, Betty Ming Liu, Jessica Kennedy, Christa Forster, Marie Marshall, Judith Field, Jennifer James, Alison Bartlett, Heather Sadiechild Harris, Judith Francis Field, Carla Pasoce, Valerie Walawender, Ruth Alderman, Rhyannon Yates

Illustrated by Judith Logan Farias

‘Mother’ is a word heavy with associations.

Becoming a mother is surely one of the biggest changes and challenges in a woman’s life. It is at once an absolutely unique experience, and yet one which is so common that it is often overlooked. Motherhood is intense, relentless and absorbing, in all senses of the word.

Popular culture seems to have a split personality when it comes to motherhood – at once holding it up as a sacred ideal, and yet being a little dismissive of women as mothers.

A diverse international group of women have been brave enough to share their stories, poetry and artwork to encourage you to think and feel about this most influential of relationships in a new and enlightened way.

* Includes Discussion Questions for Reading Groups *

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