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Milk of Female Kindness

The Milk of Female Kindness:

An Anthology of Honest Motherhood

by Kasia James (Goodreads Author) (Contributing Editor), Sarah Cass (Goodreads Author), Judith Dickerman-Nelson (Goodreads Author), Tara Chevrestt (Goodreads Author), Cheri Roman, Gemma Wright, Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali (Goodreads Author), Kitty Brody , Angélique Jamail, Laura Evans, Sandra Danby (Goodreads Author), Maureen Bowden, Sabrina Garie (Goodreads Author), Betty Ming Liu, Jessica Kennedy, Christa Forster, Marie Marshall, Judith Field, Jennifer James, Alison Bartlett, Carla Pascoe, Judy McKinty, Mary Jeavons, Heather Sadiechild Harris, Rhyannon (Yates), Rhyannon Yates, Tram Nguyen, Judith Logan Farias (Illustrator), Ceridwen Masiulanis (author & illustrator), Valerie Walawender (illustrator)

‘Mother’ is a word heavy with associations.

Becoming a mother is surely one of the biggest changes and challenges in a woman’s life. It is at once an absolutely unique experience, and yet one which is so common that it is often overlooked. Motherhood is intense, relentless and absorbing, in all senses of the word.

Popular culture seems to have a split personality when it comes to motherhood – at once holding it up as a sacred ideal, and yet being a little dismissive of women as mothers. A diverse international group of women have been brave enough to share their stories, poetry and artwork to encourage you to think and feel about this most influential of relationships in a new and enlightened way.

***Contains Reading Group Questions***


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