Brooding demigod anyone? #coverreveal

And so my non-writing life has been packed to the max, taking on that almost nonsensical level of busyness that marks the 21st century where the digital product has taken its role in the pantheon of gods.

Somewhere, somehow, stealing five minutes here and five minutes there, I completed the third and final novella in my Divine Temptation Series, Hope Restored. For those who’ve read Thirteen Nights and/or Life Reignited, this is Marta’s story. Its about time, don’t you think? Everyone deserves their happy ending.

Marta’s hero is Paean, the brooding, exiled demigod, proudly displayed on the cover.  Their story releases from Ellora’s Cave on July 24rth. I hope you pick up a copy. HopeRestored_MSR


Marta, an Amazon warrior, is going insane. Born an empath, she cannot block the emotions of others. As the Greek gods she serves go mad from the loss of their powers in the modern world, they are dragging her down with them. Her only hope—find Paean—the demigod of healing, banished centuries ago from Olympus for crimes long forgotten.

Paean wanders the earth an empty shell. Stripped of his powers, cursed with immortality and the relentless carnal hungers of a god, he finds escape only in his music. Until Marta finds him. Her love-making restores his magic and her courage gives him something to believe in again.

When the Roman gods attack and weaken the Greeks, the Olympians wants Paean back. They will do whatever is necessary to keep him there.

What are you thinking?

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