3, 2, 1 Release Day and #Freebook #giveaway





I’m on the countdown to the release of Life Reignited with Ellora’s Cave. Its book 2 in my Divine Temptation series, which kicked off with Thirteen Nights. It’s releasing September 3, two days from now. One thing that makes me proud is that the hero and heroine are over 50. They’re still sexy and still got it, although perhaps differently.

To celebrate the release of Life Reignited, I am offering a free ebook,  A Flicker of Power, Divine Temptation 1.5. It was originally released as “In Search of Pink Coral” as part of the Shades of Pink Anthology 2013 and has been revised and extended. Its a quickie, but its a good introduction to the pantheon world and its free. Right now its available on Kobo and AllRomance but I am working to distribute it on more sites over the next week. Thanks to all who helped me pick a cover.  I tried to integrate all the comments and the poll. I like it.  What do you think?

Life Reignited Blurb and Early Reviews

Phoebe lives trapped between two worlds. Born an Amazon warrior, she’s sworn to serve the Greek pantheon. It’s her work as a scholar in the human world that gives her life passion and purpose and eases her heart—which shattered when the pantheon forced her to abandon her human lover.

Alexander Xenos is world renowned classics expert, who has dedicated his life to the study of ancient cultures and promoting peace. His fame and global adventures hide a hole in his heart, ripped out by a beautiful, gentle scholar, who shut him out cold after the most intense love affair he’d ever had.

Thirty years later, Sander meets his long lost love, only to learn she’s an Amazon, the mythical gods are real, and they are about to go to war. And Phoebe, who still sets his blood to boil, is in the thick of it.  He’ll have to prevent a conflict between the Greek and Norse pantheons or lose her again—this time permanently.

Here’s what the earlier reviewers have had to say:

The Jeep Diva:  “This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers shivering in anticipation with suspense, drama and romance. The author paints vivid images of the story with well written scenes and details that transport the readers to a modern mythological and fantastical world. ”

Indy Book Fairy:  “This was a really good story, the story flowed and it kept you wanting to know more.”

A Flicker of Power Blurb

Bara’s powers are deteriorating. A daughter of the Norse sea gods, her magic is tied to the dying coral reefs.  When she catches Dylan, a human scuba diver, tampering with her coral, she attacks him only to discover he holds the key to the survival of the reefs and the pantheon gods, herself included. His passion recharges her magic.  But Bara has eight sisters and they all want a piece of the action. Bara must choose between her love for Dylan or saving the Norse Pantheon.



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