G is for Gaia #AtoZChallenge

The Earth seen from Apollo 17
Gaia is one of my favorite godesses. Like Eve, she is the start of everything.

Gaia is a primordial deity, which means she mothered the earth and all its inhabitants. Its no surprise then that Gaia means earth. For all you sci fi lovers (like me), her Roman equivalent is Terra. She conceived Uranus, the god of the skies, then, with him, bore the Titans, the parents of the greek gods and goddesses we love to follow (Zeus, Juno, Apollo etc..), the giants and the sea-gods. The pantheon gods are definitely a randy bunch.

Her name, and essence, were given to the Gaia theory or principle which posits that the organic (living) and inorganic materials on the earth interact to create a single, complex interactive environment that offer the conditions that enable life on earth.

Mythology sometimes serves as the foundation for understanding our life today–both stories and science.  So much for thinking life and narrative are actually linear.

Thoughts?  Do you see life as linear or a series of circles or dimensions or what else?

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  1. I *act* like life is linear – “If I could just do this, then this will happen.” Or “When I finish this then I can do this” But I feel like it’s a ripple effect of one circle leading to another.
    Good food for thought.

    1. I think we all tend to act like life is linear because we have traditional milestones that mark the journey of a life (birth, rite of passage, marriage etc..). We tend to tell stories in chronological order or order of events which gives it a linear shape. Its the internal journey however never really is. Thanks for stopping by.

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