D is for De Mulieribus Claris (Check this out, its pretty cool) #AtoZChallenge

Boccaccio - Faltonia Proba - De mulieribus claris, XV secolo illuminated manuscript
In 1374, Giovanni Boccaccio, writer of Decameron, published the  De Mulieribus Claris, an anthology of 106 famous mythological and historical women.  I fell into this this while doing research on the Amazon Antiope  for Thirteen Nights (she’s in there) and it blew me away. I was stunned that such a book was ever written about women in that era.  And not surprisingly, it is the first known collection of biographies dedicated to women, at least in western literature. The book includes good and bad women, vice and virtue,  the female in her layered glory.  This is one book I wished they had assigned me to read for school. Its now on my to read list.

What about you? Any cool books about famous historical women that most of us have no clue about?

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